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About Flex

Flex Solutions for Shipping and Logistics is an international freight forwarder, customs broker and logistics provider that has a proud history of delivering innovative solutions to our customers. Flex is here to provide best- of- breed with an enduring vision to deliver the finest logistics and transportation service experience. We continue to pursue the same vision in today's complex, uncertain world, working every day to earn our customers' trust. We surpass customer expectations through our comprehensive portfolio of services with our niche markets and area of expertise. The company has been built on a solid commitment to offering all clients a high level of service backed by stat & managers who care for your business, Our commitment, "Doing what we say we will do", has created an enviable reputation that all at Flex are very proud of.


Duty operations and maintenance stat are available 24 hours, ensuring the best possible continuity and operational control. Flex dierentiators’ lies in a combination of preeminent supply chain management skills and an extensive resource base of transportation, warehousing and storage, as well as best-of-technology systems. This enables our team to anticipate industry dynamics rather than simply reacting to them. The Company's services are backed by 200 plus dedicated, trained and highly motivated stat that represent a fine blend of youth and experience.


Flex is operated and managed by a strong, vibrant management team with proven specialist skills in the services that we provide. They lead the company to:
- Superior delivery of the service levels we commit to

- Engage all our value chain partners in a respectful, personalized way as part of an integrated team

- Provide you with integrated, cost efective logistical solutions locally, regionally and Internationally

- Continually seek improved solutions to improve our clients' competitiveness